At A&W Interior Specialist Cleaners, we specialize in the maintenance and general cleaning of carpets and upholstery, and provide a variety of other services pertaining to the cleaning industry.

When choosing a cleaning establishment, you should consider the following general information on equipment and options of cleaning that are offered.

At A&W we specialize in the use of hot water truck-mounted units with 400 feet of vacuum & solution hose and recovery tanks; portable hot water extractor units for those inaccessible locations; turbo dryers, rinse detergents and cleaning solutions, which enhance drying time on carpet and upholstery by 50% to 75%, depending on the fiber and fabric design.

The A&W method and choice of cleaning is primarily Hot Water Extraction. This method is recommended by our industries leading carpet manufacturers and mills. Additionally, we offer Bonnet Cleaning Rotary Shampoo and RX20 Rotary Head Extractor Units for our customers who prefer this method.

A&W Interior Specialist Cleaners offers only the finest products and service for you, our customer, in carpet and upholstery cleaning.